2014-2015 School Year Archive



JUNE 8 - JUNE 25 

MONDAY - THURSDAY 8:30am to 11:30am

We will be "traveling" across the U.S.A. learning about the fun things to do and see in our amazing country! There will be STEM projects, arts and crafts, cooking, scavenger hunts, water games, and a lot more! 

Click HERE to download a registration form.

All registration forms need to be turned into the office by May 28th. 

It's going to be tons of fun so I hope we'll see you there!!!


Best Wishes Mrs. Eldredge!

Enjoy your retirement!

Remember..."an Aviator you will always be!"

We love you!!!!


Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards at our assembly on May 21, 2015!


Academic Achievement

Outstanding Citizenship


Brandon Ibarra Sanchez
Mylei Sheehan
Laura Rubio
Aaron Bustos
Gage Anderson
Vanessa Cruz

Maggie Fiorucci
Kyle Kingston
Ava Martin
Lily Cox
Jaylynn Meza Leon
Ammie Jaimes

First Grade

Himaya Hunsaker
Charlie Plant
Lydia Frey
Derick Kimball
Tomasi Hasson
Daniel Arechiga

Chloe Gamero
Cooper Thomas
Camron Martinez
Marliah Preciado
Julie Price
Takota Lebbon-Brost
Heidi Bixler

Second Grade

Bailey Christensen
Isaac McGee
Isaac Cole
Ashton Post
Parker Spencer
Ryan Jim
Erick Sotelo

Melanie Parra Lopez
Peter Thacker
Larkin Cox
Luke Hansen
Levi Tienda
Layla Price

Third Grade

Kyla Diaz
Skylar Spencer
Vai Higby
Scott Olsen
Taylor Owensby
Remy Thenot

Aliyah White-Millet
Jacob Luke
Alexis Menjivar
Octavio Ruiz-Trejo
Aaliyah Rosas
Alexis Cruz

Fourth Grade

Brady James
Ana Rubio Hernandez
Christina Mieure
Lidia Morales 
Herbie Black
Esher Blanchard
Sebastian Ferrer-

Abril Ruiz Vazquez
Pablo Parra Lopez
Mya DeDios
Aspen Smith
Jordan Ramos
Eleanor Scott

Fifth Grade

Ricardo Tovar
Kiersten Hansen
Andrew Trinidad
Moises Sanchez
Brandon Estrada
William Renoj
Kayden Kelly

Ethan Harrison
Alyssa Thurman
Andrew Shaw
Madyson Brailsford
Grant Knudsen
Kaitlin Post

Sixth Grade

Angela Chock
KC Mortensen
Kate Woffinden
Tristan Blanchard

Jonathan Boswell
Lucy Rodriguez Rivera
Jared Villarreal-Sol
Elijah Reed


5th Grade Wax Museum

Friday, May 15th, the 5th grade put on their annual Wax Museum. Each student has been working hard researching different American Heroes for their projects. They were required to write a report, make a poster, write a presentation speech, and come up with a costume. The students did a wonderful job and it was a lot of fun learning about the different American Heroes.

Well done 5th graders!!!!!!





Thank You, Katherine Applegate!

We were so fortunate to have Katherine Applegate, author of "The One and Only Ivan" visit our school last Friday. She spoke with the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders about being an author and the research that went into writing about Ivan. It was a very interesting and fun assembly and we are so grateful to have met her. Thank you also to our amazing librarian, Mrs. Roberts, for arranging the assembly. 

Author, Katherine Applegate, is Coming to Amelia on Friday, May15th!

Katherine Applegate, author of "The One and Only Ivan" and the "Animorphs" series, is coming to Amelia on May 15th!  We will be having an assembly at 10:15 where she will speak to the students.  

That night at 7:00pm, she will also be speaking at the Provo City Library in the Ballroom. Tickets are required and can be picked up at the Children's Desk at the Library. Tickets are free.

We are so fortunate to have this opportunity and look forward to the 15th!




Mrs. Eldredge's Retirement Open House



Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Don't forget...The end of year party/fundraiser is TONIGHT from 4-7pm!

Bring your family and friends for a fun night of games, food, and Zumba dancing. We hope to see you there!

Congratulations, Angela!

Congratulations to Angela C. for winning the District Essay contest for the Rachel's Challenge Kindness Rally. She was interviewed for KSL News. Way to be a great representative of Amelia Earhart Elementary, Angela! Well done!

Click here to read all about it.



Upcoming 4-H Activities for May

Don't Forget the Kindness Rally...




Go to envisionutah.org to take the survey. For every survey taken, Amelia Earhart will receive $1.

Provo Reads Poster and Essay Winners

Congratulations to the following students for winning the    Provo Reads poster and essay contest for our school!            

Poster Contest Winners: First Place - Shelby Y., Second Place - Jacob R., Third Place - Kiera A.

Essay Contest Winners: First Place - Regina C., Second Place - Bree B., Third Place - Angela C.



The posters and essays will be on display at the Provo School District office until Monday, April 27th (the day of the Kindness Rally) to be voted on. The winning posters from the District will be on display at the Kindness Rally and the winning essays will be read at the Rally.

Thanks to all the students who participated in this fun contest and congratulations to our winners!  

Way to Go!  Choose Kindness!

Kindness Rally

We hope you will be able to attend this great family event!

The Utah County 4-H Organization is sponsoring two free activities for 4th - 6th grade students. Please see the following flyers that explain the activities:

The first activity is TONIGHT, April 2nd from 6pm - 8pm at the Orem Hang Time.

The second activity is this Saturday, April 4th at noon at the UVU Brent Brown Ballpark in Orem.

If you would like to continue to attend 4H activities, you can get a registration form in the front office. Or you can call Karen Canales (503)867-6465.

Congratulations Mrs. Drumm!

Provo Council PTA

Golden Apple Dinner

March 19, 2015 

Golden Apple Award Recipients

Amelia Earhart Elementary – Paige Drumm


Mrs. Drumm has a passion for reading and one of her greatest strengths as a teacher is helping each of her students develop a love of reading themselves. She has learned how to become a master of close reading for her students.  She knows that close reading will help her students become critical thinkers and give them the tools to go deeper into complex texts.  Mrs. Drumm is strict, organized, professional and makes learning fun. Mrs. Drumm is an innovative teacher.  She has a high expectation for her students and she takes the time to truly explain things and shows new ways of understanding things to help the students perform to their highest ability.  She is clear about what her students need to know and access their knowledge and then provide intervention and enrichment depending on the students need.  She makes a difference with individual students and is an exemplar teach in how she impacts each student’s learning.



Term 3 Academic Achievement and Citizenship Awards

Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards for Academic Achievement and Outstanding Citizenship for Term 3 on March 20, 2015:


  Academic Achievement

Outstanding Citizenship


Dennys Benitez

Jaelyn Castellano

Gabriella Dedios

Melissa Moriel-Sanchez

Phin Scott

Jazareth Sol

Ember Andersen

Chloe Churchill

Max Daley

Edgar Navarro

Peter Thacker

Chaille Vatikani-Sateki

First Grade

Logan Baum

Eliza Drumm

Miranda Estrada

Brody Robins

Zane Roskowske

Addy Sollami

Wyatt Wall

Audy Hernandez

Autumn Lillico

Kiara Murphy

Emma Parke

Jacob Reed

Prisilla Snow

Glenn Tagoilelagi

Second Grade

Emmeline Dally

Carlos DeLara Trejo

Luke Hansen

Ikaika Iohp

McKenna Jensen

Addie Robbins

Kirstye Ruiz

Kenneth Khuni

Danielle Laws

Gracie Levin

Kristina Mataika

Diego Menjivar

Aisea Vatikani

Third Grade

Camila DeLa Rosa Ibarra

Mia Garcia

Ellie Jaynes

Annie McCoard

Carter Price

Bryan Tovar

Paige Alleman

Hailey Burlingame

Colby Davis

Sitani Mafi

Margarita Mata-Nunez

Ethan Sanchez

Swade Wilkinson

Fourth Grade

Bree Barney

Antonela Ordenes

Kaleb Patten

Neo Siriphone

Leo Sotelo

Alexa Wilkins

Ammon Winterfeldt

Kaoru Collings

Madyson Foht

Shannon Kimball

Abraham Romero

Jadon Rubow

Madison Willemin

Shelby Young

Fifth Grade

Melanie Aleman

Matthew Cook
Cortney Frey

Jayz Serrano

Alexis Solis

Evette Vasquez

Maryfer Valle

Jaden Christensen

Heston Hinckley

Brady Kingston

Sarah Mercer

Tayla Meyer

Grace Porter

Ben Romero

Sixth Grade

Shawnica Alas

Sheyla Garcia

Daniel Gutierrez

Jordan Sanchez

Neve Black

Tyler Hansen

Averley Krushinsky

Isaiah Marichal


Kindergarten Registration


Please come to the MEDIA CENTER (the library) at the time listed alphabetically by your last name.

9:00 - 10:00am


10:00 - 11:00am  G-K
11:00 - 12:00pm  L-O
12:00 - 1:00 pm  P-S
1:00 - 2:30pm  T-Z


PLEASE BRING: Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, Social Security Card, Proof of Address (i.e.: Power Bill, Rental Agreement, etc.)

*The Health Department will be on site from 1:00 - 3:00 for Immunizations if needed.

* PLEASE NOTE: Forms are now online as part of the registration process. Please go to FORMS.PROVO.EDU to fill them out. Please fill these out before you come. If you cannot do this before coming, a limited number of computers will be available for use at registration.

If you have neighbors with children who need to register for Kindergarten, please share this information.



Parent Night Tonight, March 12th

Sign in for Prizes @ 6:15  

 Classes @ 6:30

Looking for websites to help your child with math or reading?

Come to our Parent Night!

We will be discussing different websites that you can use at home. Computers will be available for you to use.


** Door prizes will be passed out at the end **

**Enter to win an iPad mini **

We hope to see you there!!!

Please note:  Students are not allowed to attend without parents.


The Case of the Mysterious Hallways

Guest Post By: Angela Chock, 6th Grade

     Have you ever noticed the signs in the hallways that say things like “Sally Ride Lane” or “Wright Brother’s Way?” Well, next time that you are walking in the hallway, make sure to look at the walls in search for “Lindbergh Lane,” and “Christa McAuliffe Blvd.” But the real question is… What are they for? I went around the school in search of these names. I found that in the 4th and 1st grade hall, the sign was “Christa McAuliffe Blvd,” in the Kindergarten hallway the sign was “Wright Brother’s Way.” Also, in the 2nd and 6th grade hallway, we found the sign “Lindbergh Lane.” And that’s not all, in the lunchroom hallway it says “Sally Ride Lane.” Something interesting that we found was that the 5th and 3rd grade hallway did not have a sign at all!

     We went on one of the school’s computers, (thank you Amelia Earhart Elementary) and searched all of the names. Christa McAuliffe was killed in a space shuttle, and lost her dreams of becoming the first teacher in space. She had very much to do with Amelia Earhart- her bravery, her aviation, and so forth. Sally Ride was the first woman in space, the first female astronaut. And Lindbergh, we found, is a the name of a famous blimp. The Wright Brother’s built and invented the first airplane. The reason the last hallway, the 5th and 3rd grade hall, has no name is because when they built Amelia Earhart Elementary, that hallway wasn’t even there. The hallway was built later. 

     I also wanted to go around and ask the teachers, specifically the ones who have been here from the beginning, what they knew about the signs. I was told that the Lindbergh does not only mean the blimp, but also Charles Lindbergh, the aviator. All the other things that they told me I had found out already. The one big thing that I found was that the signs all had something to do with aviation. 

     I have an idea. I think we should name the last hallway Armstrong Ave. What do you think? We may even put up a sign for it!



Let the Races Begin!

Mrs. Sheffer and Mr. Jeppesen's 6th grade classes held their annual Chariot Races Thursday, February 19th. The students have been learning about ancient Rome and they re-enacted ancient chariot races in the school's gym. They constructed chariots and the students worked as teams and pulled them through the course. Before the race, there was a procession through the halls announcing the race. This was a really fun way to learn about ancient Rome.

The students really enjoyed it! 



School Science Fair

Congratulations to all the participants of the

2015 Amelia Earhart Elementary Science Fair! 

Our science fair took place on Friday, February 6th. The 6th grade students worked very hard and presented some pretty amazing projects. They should all be very proud of the hard work they put forth!

We were fortunate to have the good people of McWane Ductile come and judge the student's projects this year. We really appreciate them for taking their time to come and help us. They were wonderful!

Thank you!!!


Congratulations to the following students on advancing to

the District Science Fair on February 20th:

Lucy Rodriguez Rivera, Jessica Lopez Davis, Madalynn Bertagnini, Kelby Alleman, Dallin Parke, Jared Villarreal, Genevieve Black, Noah Plant, and Sophia Luke.


Art Days

On Friday, January 23rd, we had a really fun opportunity. Mrs. Plant came in to give our students a fun and interesting art lesson about Value.

She met with each grade level for a lesson then the students went back to their classrooms to do an activity where they were able to apply what they had just learned. 


Students learned how to see where shadows appear when light is shown on an object.

They learned the different values in the shadows and how shadowing can make a flat shape appear 3-D.

They also learned about Leonardo DiVinci and got to see examples how he used value in his work. 

It was a great activity and we are so fortunate to have Mrs. Plant teach our students.


Thank you Mrs. Plant!

Kindergarten Registration

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Please come to the MEDIA CENTER (Library) at the time listed alphabetically by your last name.

9:00 - 10:00 am A-F
10:00 - 11:00 am G-K
11:00 - 12:00 pm L-O
12:00 - 1:00 pm P-S
1:00 - 2:30 pm T-Z



Birth Certificate

~ Immunization Records

~ Social Security Card

~ Proof of Address (i.e.: Power Bill, Rental Agreement, Etc.)

  • The Health Department will be on site from 1:00 to 3:00 for Immunizations if needed.
  • Please Note:  Forms are now online as part of the registration process. Please go to FORMS.PROVO.EDU to fill them out. Please fill these out before you come. If you cannot do this before coming, a limited number of computers will be available for use at registration. 

If you have neighbors with children who need to register for Kindergarten, please share this information. 


Golden Apple Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Drumm for being recognized as the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year for Amelia Earhart!

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! We are so fortunate to have  great teachers here at Amelia Earhart Elementary who work so hard to educate our students.


Annual Christmas Sing-in

On Friday, December 19th, we had our annual Christmas Sing-in. This is a holiday tradition we have here at Amelia Earhart. Each grade prepares their favorite holiday song and they perform it for the whole school and community members. It's always a lot of fun and it really gets us excited for the holiday season. We finish off by all singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Each grade and the staff all have a certain part that we all sing together. It's a lot of fun! Here are the pictures of all the different grades this year:




Family Read-a-Thon



Thank you to the many parents and volunteers who came and read with our awesome students at our annual Read-a-Thon!

We were honored to have Mayor John Curtis, Superintendent Keith Rittel, and many school district and community members here. It's always a fun activity and it is a good chance to share the love of reading with our students. 

Thank you so much! 


Rachel’s Challenge

By: Katie Estrada & Hannah Gonzalez


     In September, we had a Rachel’s Challenge assembly. In case you don’t remember or you weren’t there, here’s what it was about. Rachel Scott was a kind girl and was very sweet and nice to everyone. Her parents found her handprints behind her dresser with the words, “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of hearts.”  Rachel’s Challenge is a program that reminds students of the importance of being kind and positive towards others.

To accept Rachel’s Challenge you have to do the following:

1. Use kind words and do kind things.

2. Accept and include others.

3. Choose positive influences.

4. Set goals.

5. Keep a journal.

     Students were given the opportunity to accept Rachel's Challenge. Those who chose to, signed a banner pledging that they will try to be positive and kind towards others. The banner is hanging outside the lunch room to remind us to be kind. Also, Mr. McCarty reminds us everyday during morning announcements to remember our pledge and reads off messages to remind us to be kind and positive.

     So, we know we are going to accept Rachel’s Challenge and we invite you to join us.


To learn more about Rachel's Challenge, visit www.rachelschallenge.org


Choir/Orchestra Christmas Concert

Thank you to our amazing choir and orchestra for performing such wonderful show for us on December 3rd! They played and sang a variety of holiday songs and it really got us in the holiday spirit. Our choir and orchestra students put in many hours to prepare to perform for us we are so glad they are willing to share their talents and hard work with us. A special thank you to our orchestra teacher, Janie Chambers, and our choir director, Mrs. Linda Seamons, for the many hours of preparation that went into such a great show!  Also, a very special thank you to Mr. Kent Seamons for being so willing to share his time and talents by accompanying the choir. 

Amelia Earhart's music programs are the best!


  School Science Fair


The School Science Fair will be here February 6th. Now is the time to start preparing for it. Below are some helpful links to assist you:

Science Fair Information





Our contact people are:





Veteran's Day Assembly 

November 11, 2014


 Amelia Earhart students honored some very special Veteran's at the Veteran's Day Assembly. Our sixth graders had a presentation and we had some great musical numbers by our second graders and choir. This is always a special assembly where we get the opportunity to thank some of our amazing Veterans. We are so grateful for the many men and women who serve and have served our country by protecting the freedoms we have.

Thank you Veterans!

Click Here for more pictures from the assembly.


Term 1 Academic Achievement and Citizenship Awards

Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards for Academic Achievement and Outstanding Citizenship for Term 1 on October 24, 2014:


  Academic Achievement

Outstanding Citizenship

Kindergarten TK Brown
Margaret Schofield
Darely Patino
Marcus Holweg
Michael Stephenson
Eliza Yanez
Alex Tinoco
Shyah Ward
First Grade Kiana Oldham
Sebastian Arochi
Ella Lewis
Alexis Lozano
Daniel Zavala
Trinity Groesbeck
Chloe Searle
Owen Black
Malik Filimoeatu
Reagan Mahoney
Linda Rivera
Cloey Jones
Dimitri Coca
Second Grade Alexandra Lozano
William Daley
Matthew Morris
Emily Fiorucci
Yanitza Miron
Kevin Orellana
Marlena Mila
Mia Olmos
Miriam Ruiz
Ethan Yergensen
Aldo Mariscal
Sydney Jarvis
Joseph Herbert
Third Grade Cooper Sorenson
Clara James
Santiago Arochi
Daliza Patino
Lana Bixler
Mia Villalobos
Liam Lillico
Carlos Palmeno
John Eakins
Ethan Wassom
Lillyanna Pedroza
Ali Rodriguez-Villarreal
Jose Calderon
Ray Dean
Fourth Grade Christopher Stephenson
Katie Jensen
Isaac Clay
Claire Jarvis
Jacob Rivera
Nicole Case
Presley Plant
Jordan Dunn
Zaid Rodriguez
Kate Lunt
Paris Hoffmann
Rita Jennings
Joseph Ivie
Fifth Grade Rebeca Estrada
Kyrel Sullivan
Netheaus Durrant
Regina Calderon
Jasmine Valladolid
Alan Flores
Aita Lino

Ethan Harrison
Eduardo Urrutia
Lizzie Price
Alex Aranda
Hunter Bolin
Brienna Lee
Alex Gomez
Sixth Grade Sophie Luke
Brady Nielson
Katelynne Tuinei
Jessica Lopez
Ricardo Ruiz
Eden Schiess
Krew Lasson
Brooklynn Church
Cole Mason