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 April/May 2017 Flight Update

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Mr. McCarty’s Message

Our School Community Council meets on the third Thursday at 4:00 of most months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) that we are in school. The primary purpose of the school community council is to decide on how our school spends the Trustland Funds given to us by the State Government. In addition, it is a time where we explain a little more about our school’s vision, programs, etc.... and take time to listen to feedback and ideas from parents. Anyone (including those who are not on the council) can come to the meetings to listen and give feedback. Each September, we hold an election for parents interested in being on the council. To see a list and contact info of current members of the school community council, please go to the community council link on our school website or ask in the main office. Also, in October, we reviewed the progress on our plan from last year. This information can be found on that same website or can be seen in the main office. Thanks!


Checking in at Main Office

Just a friendly reminder to make sure that all visitors to the school (including parents) check in at the main office. This is for our student’s safety. Visitors will get a sticker badge to put on. Staff are trained to direct any adults without the badge back to the office to

Online Scheduler

The window for scheduling the time for Parent Teacher Conference
(November 9 & 10) is now open. Please go to the Amelia Earhart webpage and click on “Online SEP Scheduler”. If you need help or need to use a computer to schedule, please stop by and ask for help at our main office. Password is Aviators




Cell Phone/Tablet Policy

Our first priority is student safety. To ensure that students do not access or show other students inappropriate material that can be accessed from electronic devices, we have a policy that students are not allowed to use cell phones, tablets, electronic gaming systems, etc...before, during, or after school. This policy is also in place so that students will not be distracted from learning. We recognize the need of some students to have a phone with them to contact parents on their way to and from school. Students May have these devices with them for that purpose. These devices need to be turned off and stored in their backpack while at school. If a student does have their device out at school, it will be taken away from them and will be given back at the end of the day to the student. The second time this happens, the teacher will call the parents and they will need to come get the device from the teacher. The third time it happens, the device will be given to the Principal and he will have a Parent/Student/Admin conference to give the device back. Please let Principal McCarty know if you have any questions or concerns.

 August 2016 Flight Update


Mr. McCarty's Message

August 31st at 6:30 PM is our first Parent Night. It is a special night with brownies and ice cream. We hope you all will come. We will start in the gym to go over some Title 1 information and a report on things happening at the school. After that, we will have breakout sessions where you will be able to go with your child's teacher to learn about specific things happening in your child's classroom, homework expectations, behavioral expectations, and things the students will focus on learning this year.  A couple of important items will be : 1) Guaranteed Essentials -- These are the things that are most critical for your child to learn this year in school. We are calling it guaranteed because if your child does not learn it the first or second time, they will continue to receive help with the concept because it is so essential for their success. 2) Learning Target Journals -- Each week your student will be working on evaluating their own learning performance, and recording in on an age[appropriate form created by each grade level team. We are asking that they come home once a week with this form and discuss with you how they did. This will be a good chance for you to know what your students are learning and how well they are doing. 3) Homework and other expectations from each teacher. We are hoping this will clarify what teachers expect and help your child be successful. As you can se, this is a very important night and we hope all of you will attend!

Sincerely, Mr. McCarty (Principal, Amelia Earhart Elementary)

PTA Message Thank you to everyone who joined the PTA at back to school night! If you did not have the chance t sign up, but would still like to join, you can do so easily in the office. The purpose of the PTA is simple: to support our amazing teachers and administrators, help our children reach their highest potential. Membership dues are just $5.00 and you do not have to be ablated to do anything else. By joining you will receive the minutes from our meetings and know what is happening in advance at the school. You can also offer input and suggestions to discuss. If you want to b more involved we would LOVE to have you attend the months meeting. We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM in the faculty lounge. Your voice is needed! All are welcome!! Our first even of the year is Skate Night at the school on Friday, September 11. This is a fun night for your whole family. don't miss it! I you signed up to be a room parent this year, our annual Room Mother's Tea will be Tuesday, September 29 at 3:45 in the library. This is a great chance to discuss and plan the year with your teacher and enjoy yummy treats. An invitation will be sent home to you with more details if you signed up. Thanks for helping make our school great. Together we can fly higher!

Morning Supervision

Breakfast in the morning starts at 8:00 AM. Outside supervision starts at 8:10 AM. Please do not send your children to school before these times. In addition, our crossing guard on Center St. and 2530 West will be there in the mornings from 8:00-8:40. Thanks!!! 



August 2015 Flight Update

Mr. McCarty's Message 

Hello students and parents. I hope that everyone has had a great summer. I am so excited to start another year, and I know it will be a fantastic one. I wanted to let you know about something we are doing to help build more active and reflective students. For those in attendance last year at my meet the principal night, I talked about how I wanted to help students have more ownership in their own education. If you ask your child what he/she learned in school today, what is the most common response? "I don't know." We are working to foster students who actively participate in their education through self-evaluation. One tool that teacher's will be using this next year is Learning Target Journals. Grade levels have worked together to create what works for their students. The intent is that this will give students an opportunity to be reflective and self-assess their progress on the learning targets for that day or week. Our goal is that one a week students will go over their learning target journal with their parents and explain how they have done at meeting the learning target goals by their own evaluation. We hope this can turn into a dialogue between parent and child about their progress towards their learning goals. This will be further discussed at our Parent Night on September 1st at 6:00. That night teachers will also have time to talk about behavioral expectations in class, homework, etc....Please plan on attending this important event. I look forward to seeing your kids and working with them to meet their individual needs. 

Sincerely, Ryan McCarty

801-370-4630 ryanm@provo.edu


Parent Handbook

In addition to receiving this letter, all families will also receive a parent handbook. We sincerely hope that you will take the time to read both this newsletter and the handbook so that you are aware of the important dates, expect ions, etc.... Please keep the parent handbook for easy reference. The handbook can answer many questions that may arise.

Beginning the Year

  • Students in Grades 1-6 will begin on Wednesday, August 19th. We will have early out days for the entire first two weeks. Students will be exuded at 1:30 each day so that teachers can meet with students individually to complete assessments and have SEP conferences after school.
  • Please see the included flier that explains how parents can schedule times online for Assessments and SEPs.
  • Kindergarten students will begin school on wednesday, August 26th. Between August 19th-24th, teachers will meet with students and parents to administer the kindergarten screening assessment. You may schedule a time at Back to School night.

Teachers 2015-2016



Mrs. Gunn, Mrs. Vasquez, Mrs. Holman

First Grade

Mrs. Newsom, Mrs. Reimschussel, Miss Webb

Second Grade

Miss Burnett, Miss Evans, Mrs. Pace, Ms. Velez

Third Grade

Mrs. Odell, Miss Tobler, Miss Tucker

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Dewey, Mrs. Rucker

Fifth Grade

Miss Bowns, Mrs. Drumm, Mrs. Petmecky

Sixth Grade

Mr. Cooper, Miss Harper, Mr. Hoehne

Special Education

Miss Herring, Mrs. Hirz, Miss Horrocks, Mrs. Hulse, Mrs. Wilkes

Specialty Classes

After school - Mrs. Cole, Title One - Miss Kovacs, Music - Mrs. Seamons, PE - Miss Kuchar, Media Coordinator - Mrs. Roberts, Computers - Mrs. Houghton, ELL - Miss Poulson

Main Office Hours

In August, the office will have the following hours:

  • August 3-6 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Starting August 10th, the hours will be: Monday - Thursday 8:10AM - 3:50PM . Friday will be 8:10 AM - 2:00 PM.

If you have any questions or concerns, Please call the school (801-370-4630) and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Back to School Open House

Our Back to school Open House will be Tuesday, august 18th from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. We will begin with an informational meeting in the gym. This is a good opportunity to help students find classes, meet teachers, and get information about the whole school year. The PTA will be signing up new members this evening. We look forward to seeing you!

Early Dismissal

Each Friday of the school year is an early dismissal day. We dismiss at 1:30 to allow for professional development activities. School lunch is served on those days. The kindergarten schedule on those days is: Morning Kindergarten -- 8:40 - 10:45 and Afternoon Kindergarten -- 11:25 - 1:30. We have also added some additional early out days this year for teacher development. Please watch the calendars and newsletter for those additional dates.

Regular School Schedule

8:00 - 8:30   Breakfast served. Please not children should not be at school before 8:00 AM

8:30               First Bell - Teachers will pick students up at their grade level door.

8:40               School Day/Instruction Begins

8:40 - 11:40    Morning Kindergarten

12:20 - 3:20   Afternoon Kindergarten

3:20               School is Dismissed             

School Attendance Policy

Instruction for grades 1-6 begins every day at 8:40 AM. If a child arrives afar that time, they are considered tardy. Being at school every day and being on time is important. 

We would strongly encourage families to make sure that students are at school by 8:30 AM (if not eating school breakfast). If a student is planning on eating breakfast they should arrive no earlier than 8:00 AM. Breakfast will begin at this time and if students arrive earlier they will not be supervised. PLEASE DO NOT DROP STUDENTS OFF TOO EARLY. Parents will be contacted if students arrive too early.

If a child is ill, he/she should be kept at home. Parents please call the school (801-370-4630) to excuse your child. Please avoid taking students out of school for doctor, dentist, or other appointments. If your child has a medical appointment during school hours, or if your child will be missing school days per doctor recommendation, please get a note from the medical provider excusing the tardy/absence. If a child misses school, please make every effort to work with your child's teacher to keep up with their homework. 

Bus Schedule

 The bus schedule for the 2015-2016 school year will be very similar to last year's schedule. It will be posted not he district website (www.provo.edu)

School Fundraiser

We look forward to doing a Fun Run again this year as our fundraiser. The money donated to the school through the Fun Run is used for students to do activities that we would not be able to do otherwise. Please support students and the school if possible in these fundraising efforts. The Fun Run will be on Friday, October 9th.

The money received from these donations is used for student incentive programs, assemblies, special activities, our High Flyer reading program and our Principal Aviator Club student recognition program.

We have been discussing the idea of a Fall Activity similar to the skate night and a Spring Cinco de Mayo Party this year to have fun as a school community. Watch for further details in coming newsletters.

Fee Waiver/FERPA 

Fee waiver information is available on the district website (provo.edu). The information is not of great significance to elementary schools because we do not charge fees for materials. We may occasionally ask for a donation to support a class activity or field trip but no child will be prohibited from attending any activity if you cannot provide the donation. 

FERPA information is available online at provo.edu.

Breakfast and Lunch

The cost school lunch this year is $2.00 (40 cents for reduced). The cost for breakfast is $1.50 (30 cents for reduced). adult lunches are $4.00 and breakfast is $2.00. It would be great if families pay for lunches before school begins and that can done online (at provo.edu) or at the Back to School Night on the 18th. It is important that we remind all families that the district has taken a very strong position that lunches CANNOT be charged. Thank you for making every effort to stay ahead of the lunch money needs. If an family is in need of assistance for lunch and breakfast for your children, please fill out the accompanying form and return it to the school or this form can also be completed on the District we page (provo.edu). Please return this form before the beginning of the school year. Applications mush be filled out each year, as they do not carry over from year to year. Forms will be available in the office throughout the year as needed.

Title One

We will be a Title One School once agin this school year. With the additional Title One funds, we plan to have family activities that promote learning. we will also be implementing educational learning activities that we would not other wise be able to have without these funds.

High Flyers

Teaching children to read is our number one goal. The High Flyers program has been very successful for us at Amelia Earhart so please help us to keep hem reading at home. At the very heart of all great schools is a fantastic home reading program. Once again, students will be encouraged to participate in our school reading program...better knows as "High Flyers". Students have the opportunity to set reading goals and then read outside of school with family, friends, or alone. Students reaching their goal at the halfway point and at the end of the year will be involved in special activities to "celebrate" their super reading. The required hours for High Flyers (to be read between September 1st and April 30th):

  • Grades K-2:  50 hours
  • Grades 3-6:  75 hours

This goal can easily be met if students in K-2 grades read 20 minutes and students in 3-6 grades read 30 minutes each school night.

High flyer calendars will come home with your children. Please keep track of the minutes and hours your child reads. These calendars must be returned by the 10th each month with a parent signature.

We would love for children to also become a member of the Double Club. Double Club reading hours are:

  • Grades K-2:  100 hours
  • Grades 3-6:  150 hours
At the completion of the High Flyers program, all the High Flyers will participate in a year-end activity. This is the culminating event to our fantastic home reading program, and one of the highlights that students look forward to attending. We are excited about a great year of reading and hope to see EVERY student at the High Flyer Activities.  

Student Drop Off & Pick Up and Student Entry/Exit of Building

As you may be aware, the congestion before and after school is a major safety concern. We are making an effort to change that and have looked at how we might make it safer.

We will continue to ask the a parents drop students off at the east side of the building (near the gym) for grades 2nd through 6th.

Busses, Kindergarten and First grade drop off/pick up ONLY will be allowed in front of the building. Please do not park and leave your vehicle in the drop off area.

We will also ask students to enter and exit specific doors. If older siblings are picking up younger siblings, we ask you to have them meet outside the door they come out. 

We would ask that you not drop off students any earlier than 8:00 AM for those students eating breakfast at school, and 8:20 AM for those students not eating breakfast at school. This will help ensure the safety of our students.

Your cooperation with these procedures will be greatly appreciated. Please understand that these are made totally in the interest of student safety.


The PTA is a wonderful support to our school and your children. We encourage you to volunteer in your child's classroom, help with field trips or classroom activities.  Please support the PTA during the 2015-2016 school year by joining at Back to School Night. Membership fee is $5.00

Immunization Clinic

The school nurses and Utah County Health Department are conducting an immunization clinic in the Professional Development Center at the Provo School District office on August 19th, 2015 from 8:30am until 4:30pm.

March 2015 Flight Update

Calendar Items

  • March 12th -- Parent Night at 6:30. We will discuss websites and other technology you can use to help with your child's education.
  • March 13th -- End of Term 3
  • March 18th -- 6th Grade Parent info night at 7:00. This is for parents of 6th grade students attending Dixon next year.
  • March 19th -- PTA meeting 10:00 and SCC meeting 4:00
  • March 20th -- K-2 Awards assembly 9:30; 3-6 Awards assembly 10:15. (You will be notified if your child is receiving an award)
  • March 24th -- Kindergarten Registration 
  • March 26th -- 6th Grade Day at Dixon and Centennial (For students and teachers only.)
  • March 27 -- Term 3 standards reports go home
  • April 2nd -- Emergency Fire Drill Practice/Evacuation to Stake Center Building)
  • April 2nd -- Early Release District-wide 1:30

Kindergarten Registration

Our Kindergarten registration will be on the 24th of March this year. We would ask those of you who have neighbors who may not have children at the school (but will have Kindergarteners next year) if you would let them know of this approaching date. We will send more specific information home closer to the registration date.

Cell Phone Policy

Our first priority is student safety. To ensure that students do not access or show other students inappropriate material that can be accessed from electronic devices, we have a policy that students are not allowed to use cell phones, tablets, electronic gaming systems, etc...before, during or after school. This policy is also in place so that students will not be distracted from learning. We recognize the need of some students to have a phone with them to contact parents on their way to and from school. Students may have these devices with them for that purpose. These devices need to be turned off and stored in their backpack while at school. If a student does have their device out at school, it will be taken away from them and stored with the teacher. The first time this happens, the device will be given back at the end of the day to the student. The second time this happens, the teacher will call the parents and they will need to come get the device from the teacher. The third time it happens, the device will be given to the Principal and he will have a Parent/Student/Admin conference to give the device back.

Please let Principal McCarty know if you have any questions or concerns.

PTA News from PTA President Rachel Luke

We are excited to announce our first Cinco de Mayo celebration to be held on May 1, (because it's Friday). This will be a great night to gather as a school, neighborhood and with families to celebrate the end of our school year. We will have great food, games, and entertainment. Please save the date now! We are looking for families who would be willing to help with this night. Any volunteers would be welcome, and especially any ideas or input you could share. This is also the time of year where the PTA elects a new board. We are looking for a President, President-elect, treasurer and secretary. If you would be interested or know of someone you would like to nominate please let us know. You could leave your suggestion in the office or contact me or Mr. McCarty. The PTA is a great way to be involved in your child's education and is not nearly as overwhelming as it may appear ;) Even if you are not interested in serving on the PTA Board, please come and be a part of our meetings and add your voice and experience to help make our school even better! 

Thank you to all the student and parent volunteers who helped make the Book Fair a great success this week! We love our library and Mrs. Roberts who does such a great job making sure our students have access to the best literature possible. 


The next PTA meeting is Thursday, March 19, at 10:00am in the faculty room. We hope to see you there!



January 2015 Flight Update

Calendar Items

  •  January 8th Emergency Drill - Lockdown

  • -  January 9th - Ballet West Assembly

  • -  January 15th - School Community Council 4:00 PM

  • -  January 19th - No School - Martin Luther King Day

  • -  January 22nd - 10:00 AM PTA Meeting, 6:45 - Parent Night

  • -  January 23rd and January 30th - Art Days at Amelia Earhart

  • -  January 29th - SEP (Parent Teacher Conferences) and Early Out 1:30

Parent Night

We will have a parent night on January 22nd at 6:45 PM. This parent night will be used to show what a CMI math lesson looks like. The intent of our CMI instruction is to help students have a deeper understanding ofthe math concepts. Rather than just memorizing steps (or algorithms), students learn to explain why they do things and what the numbers represent. This helps students to transfer their learning to new situations and problems. Do you ever remember getting stuck on a math problem and then having no clue what to do because you forgot the step? The tools we give through CMI instruction allow students to be able to work through problems in different ways based on a conceptual understanding rather than just rote memorization. Come to our parent night to see how this works!

PTA News from PTA President Rachel Luke

Happy 2015! We have a lot of great things happening in the next few weeks. Every January, one teacher is recognized from each school in the district for excellence in teaching. This past year, Mr. Jeppesen was the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year from Amelia. He was a wonderful representative of our school and of the many amazing educators that teach here. Next week we will be announcing and recognizing the 2015 Golden Apple Teacher. Essays were collected from every student in the school that were very well thought out and talked about different teachers that have had an important influence on them. Thank you to Shennon Mercer and the many volunteers who helped facilitate this process.SEP conferences are scheduled for January 29. The PTA provides dinner that night for the teachers who will begin conferences immediately after-school, and continue clear through the end of the day. We are in need of volunteers who would be willing to bring something for this dinner. If you are interested, and able, please let the office know and we will contact you. Through many people contributing, we can provide a nice meal for our teachers and show them how much we appreciate all they do for our kids. One of my “hopes” I had for my kids when they began attending Amelia Earhart seven years ago, was for them to be exposed to and participate in art education. With the many demands already placed on required curriculum and budget restraints, that has understandably never been able to be a priority. However, this year, many things have aligned and many people have come together to provide an art experience for every child in our school. This month, your child will have the opportunity to explore and participate in art. Many more details will be coming home as this program develops. Please ask them about it and encourage this great program! For this to succeed, we !

will need parent volunteers for a few hours each month. Please let us know if this is something you could help with. (You do not need to be an artist to volunteer!) If nothing else, please thank our administration and teachers who are so willing to provide the very best educational opportunities they can for our kids.Our PTA meeting this month will be Thursday, January 22, at 10am in the faculty lounge. Please come! We need you and your input. There is no pressure to sign up for anything just by attending. Thank you for all you do - together we can do great things for our kids and teachers.

Kindergarten Registration

Our Kindergarten registration will be on the 24th of March this year. We would ask those of you who have neighbors who may not have children at the school (but will have Kindergarteners next year) if you would let them know of this approaching date. We will send more specific information home closer to the registration date.

High Flyers

Make sure that your students are reading each night and turn in their hours each month on their High Flyer reading logs. We want all students to be High Flyer readers!

Elementos del Calendario

  • Enero Taladro 8 Emergencia - Lockdown

  • -  09 de enero - Asamblea Ballet West

  • -  15 de enero - Escuela Consejo Comunitario 16:00

  • -  19 de enero - No hay clases - Martin Luther King

  • -  22 de enero - 10:00 am Reunión de la PTA, 6:45 - Noche de Padres

  • -  23 de enero y el 30 de Enero - Días de arte en Amelia Earhart

  • -  29 de enero - septiembre (Conferencias de Padres y Maestros) y Early fuera - uno y media

Noche de Padres

Vamos a tener una noche de padres el 22 de enero a las 6:45 AM. Esta noche padre se usará para mostrar lo que es una lección de matemáticas CMI parece. La intención de nuestra instrucción CMI es ayudar a los estudiantes tengan

una comprensión más profunda de los conceptos matemáticos. En lugar de simplemente memorizar los pasos (o algoritmos), los estudiantes aprenden a explicar por qué hacen las cosas y lo que los números representan. Esto ayuda a los estudiantes transferir lo aprendido a nuevas situaciones y problemas. ¿Alguna vez te acuerdas de quedarse atascado en un problema de matemáticas y luego tener ni idea de qué hacer, porque se le olvidó el paso? Las herramientas que damos a través de instrucción CMI permiten que los estudiantes sean capaces de trabajar a través de problemas de diferentes maneras sobre la base de una comprensión conceptual más que la memorización sólo memorístico. Ven a nuestra noche de padres para ver cómo funciona esto!

PTA Noticias de Presidente de la PTA Rachel Luke

Feliz 2015! Tenemos un montón de grandes cosas que suceden en las próximas semanas. Cada mes de enero, un maestro es reconocido de cada escuela en el distrito por excelencia en la enseñanza. El año pasado, el Sr. Jeppesen fue el Golden Apple Maestro del Año de Amelia. Era un maravilloso representante de nuestra escuela y de los muchos educadores sorprendentes que enseñan aquí. La próxima semana estaremos anunciando y reconociendo el 2015 Golden Apple Teacher. Ensayos fueron recogidos de cada estudiante en la escuela que fueron muy bien pensado y hablado de diferentes profesores que han tenido una importante influencia en ellos. ¡Gracias a Shennon Mercer y los muchos voluntarios que ayudaron a facilitar este process.SEP conferencias están programadas para el 29 de enero El PTA ofrece la cena esa noche para los profesores que comenzarán conferencias inmediatamente después de la escuela, y continuar clara a través del final del día . Estamos en la necesidad de voluntarios que estén dispuestos a aportar algo para la cena. Si usted está interesado, y pueden, por favor deje saber a la oficina y nos pondremos en contacto con usted. A través de muchas personas que contribuyen, podemos ofrecer una buena comida para nuestros maestros y mostrarles lo mucho que apreciamos todo lo que hacen por nuestros niños. Uno de mis "esperanzas" que tenía para mis hijos cuando comenzaron a asistir a Amelia Earhart, hace siete años, fue para que puedan ser expuestos y participan en la educación artística. Con las muchas demandas ya colocados sobre las restricciones del plan de estudios y el presupuesto necesarios, que, comprensiblemente, nunca ha sido capaz de ser una prioridad. Sin embargo, este año, muchas cosas han alineado y muchas personas se han unido para ofrecer una experiencia de arte para todos los niños de nuestra escuela. Este mes, su hijo tendrá la oportunidad de explorar y participar en el arte. Muchos más detalles vendrán a casa ya que este programa se desarrolla. Por favor, pregunte acerca de ello y animar a este gran programa! Para que esto tenga éxito, nos!
necesitarán padres voluntarios para unas pocas horas cada mes. Por favor, háganos saber si esto es algo que podría ayudar. (No es necesario ser un artista para ser voluntario!) Si nada más, gracias por favor nuestra administración y los maestros que están tan dispuestos a proporcionar las mejores oportunidades educativas que pueden para nuestra reunión kids.Our PTA este mes será Jueves, enero 22, a las 10 am en la sala de profesores. Por favor, venga! Nos usted y su entrada necesitamos. No hay presión para inscribirse en cualquier cosa con sólo asistir. Gracias por todo lo que hacen - juntos podemos hacer grandes cosas para nuestros niños y maestros.

Kindergarten Registro

Nuestro registro Kindergarten será el 24 de marzo de este año. Rogamos a aquellos de ustedes que tienen los vecinos que no pueden tener hijos en la escuela (pero tendrán Kindergarteners próximo año) si desea hacerles saber de esta fecha se acerca. Nosotros le enviaremos información más específica a casa cerca de la fecha de registro.

High Flyers

Asegúrese de que sus estudiantes están leyendo cada noche y se convierten en sus horas cada mes en sus registros de lectura de alta Folleto. Queremos que todos los estudiantes sean lectores High Flyer!

December 2014 Flight Update

Calendar Items

December 9th — Read-a-Thon 8:45am (All Parents Invited)

December 19th — Christmas Sing-in 9:30am

December 19th — Early Out for Christmas Break (12:30)

December 22nd to January 2nd — NO SCHOOL for Christmas Break

Mr. McCarty’s Message

One of our goals at Amelia Earhart is to foster reflective learners. We want students to b actively engaged in the learning process and learn how to self-evaluate their work. This will not only help them be successful in Jr. High and High School, but help prepare them for College and Career Readiness. Learning targets are one way we focus on these skills. With a learning target for each lesson, students take ownership of working just as hard as the teacher to learn the skill everyone is focusing on together. At the end of the lesson, students reflect on whether or not they met the learning target. In this way, the students can see that they are in control of their own learning and helps to develop a more intrinsic desire to learn. We have wonderful teachers who are focused on the students learning and helping each kid be successful!

I hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas season and are able to enjoy some quality time with your family. Happy Holidays!

PTA News from PTA President Rachel Luke

Congratulations to all of our Amelia Earhart students who advanced to the District Level Reflections Program. We had over 15 students whose in tries in the art were judged against students from the other 12 Provo School District Elementary Schools. All students who advanced to this level were celebrated on Tuesday, December 2, at the District Reflections Awards Assembly at Centennial Middle School. We are so proud of all of you and the great way you represent our school.

Due to the Christmas holidays, we will not be holding a PTA meeting this month. We will meet again on Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 10:00am. We wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday!


We hope to have a great turn out from parents and our community (including the Mayor of Provo and our Superintendent) for our Dec. 9th Read-a-Thon. It will be at 8:45 and is a great opportunity to read with your kids and help them see the great importance and fun of reading!

Elementos del calendario


09 de diciembre — Read-a-Thon 08:45am (Todos los padres invitaron a)

19 de diciembre — Navidad Sing-In 09:30am

19 de diciembre — antes de tiempo para las vacaciones de navidad 12:30pm

22 de diciembre - 2 enero — Vacaciones de Navidad — No hay clases

Mensaje del Sr. McCarty

Una de nuestras metas en Amelia Earhart a fomentar estudiantes reflexivos. Queremos que los estudiantes participen activamente en el proceso de aprendizaje y aprender a auto-evaluar su trabajo. Esto no sólo le ayudará a tener éxito en Jr. High y High School, pero ayudan a prepararse para la universidad y la carrera. Objetivos de aprendizaje son una manera nos centramos en estas habilidades. Con un objetivo de aprendizaje para cada lección, los estudiantes se apropien de trabajar tan duro como el maestro para aprender la habilidad todo el mundo se está contraído en conjunto. Al final de la lección, los estudiantes reflexionan sobre si son o no cumplen el objetivo de aprendizaje. De esta manera, los estudiantes pueden ver que están en control de su propio aprendizaje y ayuda a desarrollar un deseo intrínseco de aprender. Tenemos materos maravillosos que están centrados en el aprendizaje del estudiante y ayudando a cada niño tenga éxito!

Espero que cada uno de ustedes tiene una maravillosa temporada de Navidad y son copases de disfrutar de un momento agradable con su familia. Felices vacaciones!

PTA News from PTA President Rachel Luke

Felicitaciones a todos nuestros estudiantes Amelia Earhart que avanzaron al Programa Nivel Reflexiones Distrito. Tuvimos más de 15 estudiantes cuyas entradas en la literatura, coreografía de danza, música, producción de cine y el arte fueron juzgados en comparación con los estudiantes de los otros 12 escuelas primarias del Distrito Escolar de Provo. Todos los estudiantes que avanzaron a este nivel se celebraron el martes 2 de diciembre en la Asamblea de Premios del Distrito Reflexiones en el Centennial Middle School. Estamos muy orgullosos de todos ustedes y la gran manera de IMDb para nuestra escuela. 

Debido a las vacaciones de Navidad, no vamos a celebrar una reunión de la PTA este mes. Nos reuniremos de nuevo en Jueves, 15 de enero 2015 a las 10:00am. Les deseamos a todos unas vacaciones tranquilas y felices!


Esperamos tener una gran asistencia de los padres y de nuestra comunidad (incluyendo el Alcalde de Provo y nuestro Superintendente) para nuestro 09 de diciembre Read-a-Thon. Será a las 8:45 y es una gran oportunidad de leer con sus hijos y ayudarlos a ver la gran importancia y la diversión de la lectura!


November 2014 Flight Update

Calendar Items

November 11th - Veteran's Day Assembly 9:30am

November 12th - Hearing Screening

November 13th - Emergency Drill Practice (Earthquake)

November 20th - PTA Meeting 10:00am; School Community Council Meeting 4:00pm

November 26th to 30th - Thanksgiving Break

Mr. McCarty's Message

     The SAGE test results from last year have recently been released and most of you received those results at our SEP meetings on November 6th. If you have any questions about your child's results or the school's results, please feel free to contact me. The SAGE assessment is different than past assessments in a couple of ways. First, the SAGE assesses at a deeper level of knowledge than past assessments. It tests students understanding of concepts and how to apply those concepts in different ways rather than memorization of facts and steps. Second, it is more than just multiple choice. It is interactive and allows students to manipulate objects or create things as part of the online assessment. If you would like to see examples of the types of questions or learn more about the assessment, please feel free to contact me (or go to sageportal.org). The goal of the assessment is to ensure that students are learning at a higher level so that students are more prepared for college and careers. What started the change i learning standards and assessment was colleges reporting to high schools that too many students needed remedial classes and weren't prepared to be successful in college. Now we are working on using methods and materials that require students to think at a higher level, answer the "why" questions, and explain their thinking to you. We look forward to working on improving our strategies to best prepare your kids to be successful in the future!

School Trustlands

    A report from School Community Council (SCC) on the use of Trustlands from last year:  $35,470 was spent. All of the money (as decided by SCC) was used to pay for extra instructional assistants to increase the interventions given to students (small group or 1:1 help).

     Parent Members for this year's council:

Shennon Mercer - Chair (shennon_mercer@yahoo.com)

Ginger Churchill - Vice Chair (gingerchurchill @yahoo.com)

Jessica Price  (jessicaarrowsmith@gmail.com)

Terese Plant (tereseplant@gmail.com)

Kari Lillico (kari@summersetcorp.com)

Melissa Yergensen (melissayergensen@gmail.com)

     Faculty Members for this year's council:

Ryan McCarty (ryanm@provo.edu)

Rachel Kovacs (rachelko@provo.edu)

Michael Jeppesen (michaelj@provo.edu)

Paige Drumm (paiged@provo.edu)


     Future School Community Council Meetings:

Everyone is welcome to attend, and you do not need to be on the council to attend. All times at 4:00pm.

November 20th, December 18th, January 15th, February 19th, march 19th, April 16th


PTA News  from PTA President Rachel Luke

    Last month, the PTA was able to sponsor and support many activities and programs at the school. we had a very successful Red Ribbon Week, maturation classes were taught to the 5th and 6th grade students, the Reflections contest was introduced and we participated in the Fun Run. There were also many room mom's involved in class Halloween parties that looked great! We are happy to be a part of so many wonderful things at our school and truly appreciate all parents who participate and support the school in one way or another. Even if you send in box tops - you are supporting PTA because this is a program we do for the direct benefit of teachers and students. So remember, whether this is your season in life to be able to be involved a little, or a lot, every contribution makes a big difference for your child. Our next PTA meeting will be held Thursday, November 20th at 10:00am in the faculty room at the school. We would love to have some new faces. Please remember - we need your voice! Little kids are welcome and so are you.

Thank you for all you do. Happy November!


Noviembre Actualización de Vuelo

Elementos de Calendario

11 de Noviembre - Asamblea Día de los Veteranos  9:30a.m.

12 de Noviembre - Detección Auditiva

13 de Noviembre - Práctica Simulacro de Emergencia (Terremoto)

20 de Noviembre - Reunión del PTA 10:00a.m.; Escuela Consejo de la Comunidad 4:00pm

26 al 30 Noviembre - Receso - Thanksgiving

Mensaje del Sr. McCarty

    Los resultados de las pruebas SAGE desde el año pasado han sido recientemente puesto en libertad, y la mayoría de ustedes recibió esos resultados en nuestras reuniones de septiembre el 6 de noviembre. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre los resultados de su hijo o los resultados de la escuela, por favor no dude en ponerse en contracto conmigo. La evaluación de SAGE es diferente a loas evaluaciones del pasado en un par de maneras. En primer lugar, el SAGE evalúa en un nivel más profundo de conocimiento de las evaluaciones anteriores. Se evalúa a los estudiantes la comprensión de los conceptos y la forma de aplicar esos conceptos en diferentes formas en lugar de la memorización de hechos y medidas. En segundo lugar, es más que la elección sólo múltiple. Es interactivo y permite a los estudiantes para manipular objetos o crear osas como parte de la evaluación en línea. Si a used le gustaría ver ejemplos de los tipos de preguntas o aprender más sobre la evaluación, por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo (o ir a sageportal.org). El objetivo de la evaluación es asegurar que los estudiantes están aprendiendo en un nivel superior a fin de que los estudiantes están más preparados para la universidad y carreras. Lo que comenzó el cambio en los estándares de aprendizaje y evaluación era colegios dependientes de las escuelas secundarías que muchos estudiantes necesitan clases de recuperación y no estaban preparados para tener éxito en la universidad. Ahora estamos trabajando en el uso de métodos y materiales que requieren los estudiantes a pensar en un nivel superior, responder a los "por que", y explicar su pensamiento. Una forma de ver cómo su hijo está haciendo en esto es para preguntarles por qué hacen ciertas cosas en matemáticas o lectura para ver si son capaces de entender lo suficientemente bien como para explicar su forma de pensar a usted. Esperamos con interés trabajar en la mejora de nuestras estrategias para preparar mejor a sus hijos a tener éxito en el futuro!

Trustlands Escuela

Un informe del consejo de la comunidad escolar en el uso de Trustlands desde el año pasado: 35,470 dólares se gastó. Todo el dinero (según lo decidido por SCC) se utilizó para pagar los asistentes de instrucción adicionales para aumentar las intervenciones dadas a los estudiantes (en grupos pequeños o 1:1) ayuda.

   Parent Members for this year's council:

Shennon Mercer - Chair (shennon_mercer@yahoo.com)

Ginger Churchill - Vice Chair (gingerchurchill @yahoo.com)

Jessica Price  (jessicaarrowsmith@gmail.com)

Terese Plant (tereseplant@gmail.com)

Kari Lillico (kari@summersetcorp.com)

Melissa Yergensen (melissayergensen@gmail.com)

     Faculty Members for this year's council:

Ryan McCarty (ryanm@provo.edu)

Rachel Kovacs (rachelko@provo.edu)

Michael Jeppesen (michaelj@provo.edu)

Paige Drumm (paiged@provo.edu)

Reuniones de Consejo de la Comunidad Escolar Futuro (todo el mundo es bienvenido a asistir, y no es necesario estar en consejo para asistir. Todas las horas a las 4:00pm. )

Noviembre 20, 18 de diciembre, 15 de enero, 19 de febrero, 19 de marzo, 16 de abril

Noticias de la PTA del Presidente de la PTA Rachel Luke

El mes pasado, la PTA fue capaz de patrocinar y apoyar a muchas de las actividades y programas de la escuela. Tuvimos una semana muy exitosa Cinta Roja, clases de maduración se les enseño a los quinto y sexto grado los estudiantes, el concurso de Reflexiones se introdujo y que participaron en la Carrera Popular. También participaron en la clase muchos partidos habitación de mamá de Halloween que se veía genial! Estamos felices de ser parte de tantas cosas maravillosas en nuestra escuela y realmente apreciamos a todos los padres que participan y apoyan a la escuela de una manera u otra. Incluso si usted envía en tapas de cajas - usted está apoyando al PTA ya que este es un programa que hacemos para el beneficio directo de los profesores y los estudiantes. Así que recuerda, si este es su estación en la vida para poder participar un poco, o mucho, cada contribución hace una gran diferencia para su hijo. Nuestra próxima reunión del PTA será el jueves 20 de noviembre a las 10:00am en la sala de profesores en la escuela. Nos encantaría contar con algunas caras nuevas. Por favor, recuerde - necesitamos tu voz! Los niños pequeños son bienvenidos y también lo son ustedes. Gracias por todo lo que hacen. Feliz Noviembre!


October 2014 Flight Update

Calendar Items

October 2nd -- Early Out (1:30)

October 3rd -- Picture Day

October 9th -- Practice Fire Drill

October 10th -- Fun Run

October 16th to 20th -- Fall Break

October 23rd -- PTA and Community Council Meetings

October 24th -- End of Term and Awards Assembly

October 28th -- Art Talk Springville Art Museum

October 30th -- 5th and 6th Maturation Programs

October 31st -- Halloween Parade 9:30 - 10:30

Mr. McCarty's Message

Every day during announcements I remind our students of our school's three rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. My number one goal is that all students feel safe at school. Being safe includes keeping hands and feet to self as well as using appropriate language. Being respectful includes how students treat each other as well as the respect they show teachers by listening and following directions. Being responsible means doing what is right even when others aren't watching. I am grateful for the many exemplar students at our school following these three school rules.


 Attendance Policy

Students checked out of school early (other than for doctor) will be given a "K" code and it is treated like a tardy. Reminder: 3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence. 5 unexcused absence = notice of attendance letter, 8 = citation and truancy school, 10 = citation #2 and Provo Attendance Court.

Dental Varnishing

Dental Varnishing will take place on Oct. 14th. Please watch for al permission slip coming home. We encourage you to have your child participate in this free program to improve dental health.

PTA NEWS by Rachel Luke, PTA President 2014-2015

 I want to thank everyone who has signed up to be a member of Amelia Earhart's PTA for the 2014-2015 school year. It seems like nowadays there is always someone who wants you to sign up to pay something or do something. Most of the time it is for worthy causes or good opportunities. Some times, however, it is not the right time or opportunity for your. This is for those who may be wondering about the PTA. Specifically, Amelia Earhart's PTA. Our PTA exists to support the teachers and students of Amelia Earhart. We are simply an organized group that comes together to lift some of the work from teachers, and provide opportunities and experiences for our children that may be out of reach otherwise. For example, over the last 7 years, our PTA has given the school over $21,000 just for field trips! If your child has been to a museum, a concert, a rope's course, or any other fun experience -- chances are it was made possible in part by the PTA. The PTA provides dinner for your child's teacher during SEP's when they are often at the school from 8:00am to 7:00pm or later on those days. We collect Box Tops, count them and mail them in for the teachers so they can buy some additional classroom supplies. We coordinate the Reflections Contest, vision screening, The Golden Apple Award (recognizing outstanding educators), the maturation program, Red Ribbon Week, Science Fair, and emergency backpacks for each class room. We coordinate room mother's, the carnival and run teacher appreciation week in the spring. This is just part of what we do. But the why of what we do is because we want to help make our school the very best it can be.

     So -- who can be in the PTA? Everyone! Our PTA is made up of mothers, fathers (we need more!), teachers, and grandparents. If you are wondering if you would fit in -- the answer is YES! We need you. We want you. We need new faces, ideas, input, perspectives. Please join us! You don't have to worry that you can't do a lot -- do a little. If you speak English, Spanish, or any language, your voice is needed. Our next meeting is Thursday, October 23 at 10:00am in the faculty room. Young children are welcome and so are you! 

Together we can fly higher!



Octubre Actualización de Vuelo

Artículos del Calendario

2 de Octubre -- Salida Temprano (1:30)

03 de Octubre -- Día de la Foto

09 de Octubre -- Simulacro de incendio

10 de Octubre -- Fun Run

16 de Octubre -- 20 Receso de Otoño

23 de Octubre -- PTA y Consejo de la Comunidad

24 de Octubre -- Fin de la Asamblea Plazo y Premios

28 de Octubre -- Las conversaciones Arte Springville Art Museum

30 de Octubre -- Programas de maduración sexto

31 de Octubre -- Halloween Desfile 9:30 diez y media

Mensaje del Sr. McCarty

Todos los días durante los anuncios me recuerdo a nuestros estudiantes de tres reglas de nuestra escuela: Be Safe, ser respetuoso y ser responsable. Mi objetivo número uno es que todos estudiantes se sientan seguros en la escuela. Ser seguro incluye mantener las manos y los pies para auto, así como el uso de un lenguaje apropiado. Ser respetuoso incluye cómo los estudiantes se tratan entre sí, así como el respeto que muestran los profesores por escuchar y seguir instrucciones. Ser responsable significa hacer lo correcto, incluso cuando otros no lo están viendo. Estoy muy agradecido por los muchos e estudiantes ejemplares en nuestra escuela después de estas tres reglas de la escuela.

Política de Asistencia

Estudiantes Controladas temprano de la escuela (que no sear para el médico) se les dará un código "K" y que se trata coo una tardanza. Recordatorio: 3 tardanzas = 1 ausencia injustificada. 5 ausencias injustificadas = carta de aviso de asistencia, 8 = escuela citación y el absentismo escolar, 10 = citación #2 y Provo Corte Asistencia.

Dental Barnizado

Dental Barnizado tendrá lugar el 14 de Octubre. Esté pendiente de una hoja de permiso a casa. Le animamos a que su hijo participe en este programa gratuito para mejorar la salud dental.

PTA Noticias de Presidente PTA Rachel Luke

Quiero agradecer a todos los que han firmado para ser miembro de la PTA de Amelia Earhart para el año escolar 2014-2015. Parece que hoy en día siempre hay alguien que quiere que usted se inscribe para pagar algo o hacer algo. La mayoría de las veces es por una buena causa y buenas oportunidades. Algunas veces, sin embargo, no es el momento adecuado o la oportunidad para usted. Esto es para aquellos que puede preguntarse sobre la PTA. Específicamente, la PTA de Amelia Earhart. Nuestro PTA existe para apoyar a los profesores y estudiantes de Amelia Earhart. Somos simplemente un grupo organizado que se une para levante algo del trabajo de los maestros, y proporcionar oportunidades y experiencias para nuestros hijos que pueden estar fuera del alcance de lo contrario. Por ejemplo, durante los últimos 7 años, la PTA ha dado a la escuela más de $21,000 sólo para las excursiones! Si su hijo ha estado en un museo, un concierto, un curso de cuerda, o cualquier otra experiencia divertida -- lo más probable es que se hizo posible en parte por el PTA. El PTA ofrece una cena para el maestro de su hijo durante septiembre de cuando están a menudo a la escuela 08 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. o más tarde en esos días. Recolectamos Box Tops, los contamos y enviarlos por correo a los profesores para que puedan comprar algunos suministros adicionales de clase. Coordinamos el Concurso Reflexiones, examen de la vista, el premio Golden Apple (reconociendo educadores sobresalientes), el programa de la maduración, la Semana del Listón Rojo, Feria de Ciencias, y las mochilas de emergencia para cada salón de clases. Coordinamos la madre de habitación, el carnaval y el maestro un semana apreciación en la primavera. Esto es sólo parte de lo que hacemos. Pero el por qué de lo que hacemos es porque queremos ayudar a hacer de nuestra escuela el mejor que puede ser. Así que -- ¿quién puede estar en el PTA? Todo el mundo! Nuestra PTA este a formada por madres, padres (necesitamos más!), Maestros y abuelos. Si se está preguntando si usted desea encajas -- la respuesta es SÍ! Te necesitamos. Te queremos. Necesitamos nuevas caras, ideas, aportaciones, perspectivas. Por favor, únase a nosotros! Usted no tiene que preocuparse de que no se puede hacer mucho -- hace un poco. Si usted habla Inglés, español o cualquier idioma se necesita su voz. Nuestra próxima reunión será el jueves 23 de octubre, a las 10:00 horas en la sala de profesores. Los niños pequeños son bienvenidos -- y también lo son ustedes! Juntos podemos volar más alto!