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Tuesday, September 1

6:00-7:45 pm

Come learn about some exciting new things that are happening at Amelia Earhart Elementary School!!!

  • Guaranteed Essentials
  • Learning Target Journals
  • Homework Expectations


6:00 – Opening in the gym

6:30 – Session 1 in teachers classroom

6:55 – Session 2 in teachers classroom

7:20 – Session 3 in teachers classroom


Students are encouraged to attend.

***Brownies and ice cream served for those attending classroom sessions***


Amelia Earhart Elementary School needs Foster Grandparents!  


The Utah County Foster Grandparent Program is looking for seniors 55 or older, to serve as mentors and tutors for children and youth within community organizations such as schools, hospitals, and youth centers. There they work with trained professionals to provide assistance, support, and knowledge to children and teens with special and exceptional needs.  Foster Grandparents receive a small stipend (about $200 per month), a meal each day of work, and mileage reimbursement.  Volunteers must be income eligible (earn approximately $2,000 per month or less for a single person), be willing to serve 15 or more hours per week and have the desire to help others.  This is a fun and rewarding way to serve in your community!  

Call the Foster Grandparent Program at 801-851-7784 for an application or questions.   

We are excited to welcome our awesome new and returning students as well as our new and returning teachers and staff.

This is going to be a great year!!!

Schedule Your SEP Conference Online

Online scheduling for the October 28th and 29th SEP Conferences is now available for grades 1-6.  (Appointments for the August SEP Conferences will be assigned in classrooms and sent out after school starts.)                                                                                      
Kindergarten is now available to schedule Oct. 27th, 28th , and 29th

Click on the Online Scheduler icon to begin.

Click HERE for instructions on how to use the online scheduler. 

Message from Mr. McCarty

Dear Parents and Students of Amelia Earhart,


I hope that each of you are having a wonderful summer.  I look forward to school starting next month, and I know it is going to be a great year!

I know that many of you are excited to find out who will be your child's teacher.  Please plan on coming to Amelia Earhart on August 3rd anytime between 2:00 - 6:00.  We will have computers set up to assist parents in updating their contact and emergency contact information online.  After that, you will be given a packet with information including who will be your child's teacher.

If you are unable to make that time, the office will be open to do the same process on August 4th - 6th from 9:00 am - 1:00 pmp.  

We do need parents there to give the information, so we will not be able to give it if just your child shows up.

If those times do not work for you, we will be sending out the packet in the mail on August 7th and it should arrive shortly after that.

Thanks, and have a great rest of the summer!

Sincerely, Mr. McCarty

If you are needing to visit the office during the summer, below are the hours when it will be open:

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm for the month of June

Closed in July (for deep cleaning)

August 3rd - 6th   9:00 am - 1:00 pm

August 10th begins regular office hours - 8:10 am - 3:50 pm

Summer Library Information...

 Please note...No Summer Library on August 5th. It is canceled due to Teacher meetings. It will resume on August 12th.


Jump Start 2015

Monday, August 3rd -- Wednesday, August 12th**
9:00 – 11:30am Monday to Friday


** Please note that the last day of Jump Start has changed to Wednesday, August 12th**


~ Studies show on average it takes approximately two weeks for student(s) to resume regular progress/learning in the classroom following Summer vacation/break.

~ JUMP START takes place these two weeks BEFORE the first day of school even starts.

~ Faculty and staff at Amelia Earhart recommend students to the program.

~ No participate fee.

 Your student is invited to participate in this year's Jump Start Program.

Click HERE to download a registration form and return it to the main office on the first day of Jump Start (August 3rd) at 9:00 am

The mission of Amelia Earhart Elementary is to promote lifelong literacy and citizenship in each child through a united effort with parents, educators, and community in a quality-learning environment, with a well trained and highly motivated staff using appropriate technology and instructional methods

Excellence is our Standard! 

Spotlight/School News

Upcoming Events 

August 3 2:00 - 6:00pm Come to school office to update information and find out your teacher. See message from Mr. McCarty on main page.  
August 3 - August 12 Jump Start 9:30 - 11:30 am  
August 12 Last day of Summer Library 9:45am - 12:00pm  
August 18 Back to School night 6:00 pm  
August 19 First Day of classes for 2015-2016 school year  
August 19 - August 28 Early out 1:30pm for SEP Conferences and student assessments  
August 26 Classwork begins for Kindergarten  
August 26-28 Early out                                  AM Kindergarten 8:40-10:45                               PM Kindergarten 11:25-1:30  
August 27 Emergency Drill - Fire  
September 1 Parent Night 6:00 - 7:45 pm  
September 2-4 DIBELS Reading tests Grades K-3  
September 7 Labor Day -- NO SCHOOL  
September 17 Emergency Drill - Fire   
September 25 Fun Run Kick Off Assembly 1:00 pm in the gym  
October 1 Early Out 1:30/Teacher Professional Development  
October 2 Picture Day  
October 7 Dental Varnishing                    K-6 - 9:30                                                PM Kindergarten - 12:30  
October 8 Emergency Drill - Fire  
October 9 Fun Run 9:00am  
October 12-14/20-23 1st Term Testing Begins  
October 15-19 Fall Break -- NO SCHOOL  
October 22 Maturation Program  
October 23 Term 1 Ends  
October 26-30 Book Fair in the Media Center  
October 28-29 Early Out 1:30 -- SEP Conferences (sign up using the Online Scheduler found in the side bar on the left of this page.) Conferences will be in the classrooms this year.  
October 30 Halloween Parade 9:30am  


Wondering when students will be tested? 

Click HERE for the 2014-2015 Testing Schedule

The mission of Amelia Earhart Elementary is to promote lifelong literacy and citizenship in each child through a united effort with parents, educators, and community in a quality-learning environment, with a well trained and highly motivated staff using appropriate technology and instructional methods

Excellence is our Standard! 

To learn all about Amelia Earhart Elementary,
visit our page on the Provo School District Website.




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Amelia Earhart 2014 SAGE Tests

2013-14 SAGE Summative average proficiencies shown below reflect a new baseline for Utah's end of level testing. The new SAGE test is different than the previous Criteria Referenced Tests (CRT), and more challenging, and therefore cannot be compared to CRT results from previous years. SAGE tests are adaptive, with questions based on new Utah Core standards, and contain technology-based questions versus all multiple choice.

Third Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 43% 54% 44%
Math 43% 52% 44%


Fourth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 44% 54% 42%
Math 46% 60% 48%
Science 45% 50% 43%


Fifth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 53% 53% 42%
Math 61% 59% 44%
Science 49% 51% 46%


Sixth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 47% 53% 43%
Math 50% 48% 35%
Science 43% 51% 46%


Historic Criterion-Referenced Tests


Achievement Data



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